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Welcome to the Photo Journal of ryan_miller / Parise @ Vox.
Originally this was going to be a 365 Project journal, but being that I never properly update on each day, this will just be somewhere I can post photos I've taken when in a creative mood. I would put them on Vox, but there's no way to "LJ CUT" a post and keep an entry short without having to scroll though a bunch of pictures. (Sure thumbnails are fun too, but that's a lot of useless work. hah) Also I have about roughly 8 usernames on LiveJournal that were just dusty. I figured I'd bring back a favorite name of mine. All prior entries were deleted. If you see this post, it's probably because you never deleted this journal when I moved names.

As stated in my info most of my pictures are shot with a Nikon Coolpix L11. I used to have an older Coolpix model which some of my pictures were taken with. If anything is different than the L11, I will give the name and model used in the given entry.

As my first post I figured I'd post what I orginally posted in my first 365 journal on greatestjournal [briangionta] last year. I didn't get too far.

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I'm always down for new friends and I will allow Anonymous comments from friends that don't have LiveJournals. I'm also making this PUBLIC.
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